How do I start using the Pocket CRM app?

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What do I need to know if I want to start using Pocket CRM? Is there a guide to help get started?


We have prepared a quick guide for Pocket CRM which you can view as attachment of this FAQ. 

In the quick guide for Pocket CRM you'll find:

  1. Explanation of Pocket user interface.
  2. How to login for the first time.
  3. How to copy contacts to local address book.
  4. How to show address in map.
  5. How to adjust the filter settings.
  6. How to archive an image.
  7. How to set up an email account.
  8. How to login for the first time.
  9. How to send an email and SMS.
  10. How to open and read documents.
  11. How to search for information.
  12. How to ask participants and resources to appointments.
  13. How to view sales pipeline and forecast.

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More information

Video: UK Pocket CRM Video

Video: Access Your CRM Data from Your Mobile Device


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